Selling Basics


Christie’s can guide you through the entire auction process. Once we have determined that your property is appropriate for sale at auction, our specialists will arrange every detail, from establishing estimates to cataloguing your property and marketing it to prospective buyers worldwide.

Watch our video for a quick tutorial on how to sell at Christie’s or view our step-by-step selling guide.

Before the Sale
After the Sale

Why Christie’s

Why should you sell your property at Christie's? As a global leader in the international art market, Christie’s has a proven track record in achieving prices that meet or exceed pre-sale estimates. Ask our loyal sellers, and they'll say it's because of a combination of the following:

  • Excellent client service. Christie’s will guide you through the entire auction process
  • Unrivalled experience in the art market with the ability to reach collectors from all regions
  • 31% of all buyers in 2017 were new to Christie’s, with a 16% growth in new registered bidders year on year
  • Our online sales platform grew 26% in 2017, attracting 37% of all new buyers
  • Global reach in 46 countries with leadership in growth markets, including successful sales and exhibitions in Beijing, Mumbai and Dubai
  • Broad and diverse selling platforms offering a wide range of price points, categories, geographies, online-only auctions and important private collections

And don't forget the most important factor: our people. Our wealth of resources includes:

  • Experienced specialists in more than 80 categories
  • A global database of potential buyers
  • A skilled marketing and PR team
  • A team of accomplished auctioneers

Buying & Selling Resources



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